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After so long I finally saw it. A major issue was the movie was dark... as in I'm squinting at the screen trying to figure out what was going on as its black on dark blue.

The silent retcon- That whole humans performing genocide on vampires and werewolves angle is dropped as if it never happened. They go back to the shadow war again.

Selene- vaunted now only as the most bad ass Death Dealer that ever death dealed, but not powerful. She can survive in daylight and can survive being poisoned by nightshade(which now also kills vamps... seems cheaper than UV bullets maybe the lycans could...).Those are now the extent of powers granted by drinking the blood of the immortal progenitor of the two races.

Elder, elder, elder, elder, GRAND ELDER- The term elder got thrown around so much. In the original there were only three elder vampires. The creator of the vampire covens. One is a Corvinus brother, Marcus and then Viktor and Amelia. Now we get more covens previously unmentioned and the term elder gets assigned to seemingly any vampire that is older than Selene.

Eve- Her daughter told Selene to go away and she did. Her daughter who'd been nothing but a test tube blood bag feral kid suddenly is now the wise mystic 'the one'. She's the prize, no longer 'an abomination'. Her blood will do 'stuff'.

Michael- Survived getting impaled through the heart only to be shuffled out of the previous movie till the end where it is implied Selene and Eve will look for him as he just escaped. He's captured by Lycans (who he is stronger than) beaten off screen, drained of his blood, and killed to power up the Lycan leader... Wow that is crap writing.

Vampire babies- Apparently vampires have kids now... at least if they are 'pure blood'. The purity thing never existed before and is just a stupid addition. Every vampire other than the original wouldn't be 'pure'. Sub character David though gets to be special like that.

Vampire coven internal betrayal- The more things change the more they stay the same. Selene joins the vampires in the war and they immediately betray her.

Blood Memory Reading- An interesting expansion of lore was them showing Selene using the drinking of blood to gain memories from that person. The problem is that it was heavily implied in the first is that it required skill to order your memories so that the imbiber could get a coherence sense of what was going on. Now every vampire can use it to find out information from a person I guess... bit like power creep is making everyone able to do something that seemed reserved.

Spirit world- Oh yeah, deep mysticism. Vampires can 'kill' themselves, open their third eye, and gain white hair and the occasional ability to speed blur. It is dumb. Selene could have been kept unique versus the sun proof blood dispenser.

'Pacifist' Vamp coven- Nordic warrior coven that is 'legendary'... even though they know exactly where to go to find them even though they act like they may be a myth. These vamps discovered how to unlock further powers somehow... They also brag about how remote from the 'warm bloods' they are... so how do they eat... cause they need to eat people and drink blood. Being an ultra remote and hard to get to coven kind of ruins that.

I could keep going on, but yeah they leave it open for a sequel so the dumb will continue it seems...
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